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Just friendly reminder for California property owners: Don’t forget that your 1st installment of your property taxes are due today. If you don’t get the bill postmarked by 5PM today there will be a 10% penalty. Your 2nd installment tax bill is due Feb 1st, but becomes delinquent after 5PM on April 10th. A simple way to remember when to pay your taxes is with this simple saying: “No Darn Foolin’ Around”

N- November 1st: 1st installment of property taxes due

D – Dec 10th: 1st installment considered delinquent

F – February 1st: 2nd installment of property taxes due

A – April 10th: 2nd installment considered delinquent

* If your property taxes are paid through your mortgage company, your mortgage company will send out your tax payments to your local tax assessors office. There’s no need to stress sending a payment.

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