SANTA CLARA COUNTYWealth June 10, 2021

Seven Diversification Tools: How to Navigate Your Concentrated Portfolio

I’m reaching out to extend an invitation to a live webinar that may be of interest to you. The topic is called “Risk vs. Reward: How to navigate a concentrated portfolio”.

Stock grants, typically RSUs, have become a more significant portion of Bay Area employee compensation plans. You may be vesting stock on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis while also participating in ESPP programs – increasing the concentration of your stock positions. Many Bay Area companies’ stock prices have done exceptionally well over recent years, resulting in “the best problem to have” (big wealth with big tax implications).

If you’re like the many Bay Area residents in this position, you’re wondering how to optimize your position, diversify your portfolio, minimize taxes, and avoid the penalties and interest you’ve been paying at tax time.
Our partner Summitry is a local wealth management firm uniquely adept at addressing the financial concerns of Bay Area residents.

Join us for the Seven Diversification Tools webinar, June 23, Noon – 1pm.

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Diversify Assets - Webinar