SANTA CLARA COUNTY November 15, 2021

How Safe is Your Home to “age in place”? HomeFit Guide for the Holidays

I find myself meeting many folks who wish to “age in place” it’s sort of a topic I’ve frequently consider. I’m wondering if you or someone you know has an elderly neighbor or relative who needs evaluation of their living spaces? The desire to live independently is a growing concern as many people do not consider safety hazards inside their own home and how safe it is as they age. As a former Community Liaison for a leading care giving company, my job was to meet community services in South Bay area, but also to identify how livable & safe an environment is for the person in need of assistance and can they continue to live independently. Most houses and condos/ townhomes are designed for young, able-bodied adults and don’t meet the needs of older residents or people with disabilities. Only 1 % of the nation’s housing supply contains any “universal design” elements — such as single-story living or a sink that can be reached from a wheelchair.
This holiday you might want to visit your friends/loved ones and consider how fit is their home to ‘age in place’. I will be sharing my senior resource information from time to time because during the holiday I think we should all consider the safety of our loved ones, and especially coming out post-Covid, our mobility has changed (I know mine has!) 😛

Here’s a Home Fit Guide that can help, just click the link of the presentation: