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Sacramento – The Top Destination for U.S. Homebuyers | Coming Soon | New Lot Dev Tool For ADUs

This video is a casual discussion on the migration trends happening here in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area and a brief discussion of my upcoming new listing in Sacramento and a brief look at a fascinating lot development tool called Symbium

Symbium - Learn if an ADU is possible - MacFarlane Homes website

Whether if you’re moving out of the Bay Area to another county or across the state, let’s discuss a strategic plan on when’s the best time for your transition. Relocation doesn’t have to be extremely stressful, let me take some of the burden for you and allow me to provide our Intero concierge services for any needs.  

Sacramento Migration & Relocation Trends

(Redfin housing market trends)

In Oct ’22 – Dec ’22, 29% of Sacramento homebuyers searched to move out of Sacramento, while 71% looked to stay within the metropolitan area.

Migration pattern to Sacramento


Give us a call if you would like a data-driven conversation about the reality of any thoughts of relocating to another neighborhood, county or state.

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