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Excellent Time To Sell In Today’s Sellers’ Market

2021 was a GREAT market for sellers!

2021 sets the stage for 2022 with higher median prices & lowest home inventory we’ve ever seen! We’ve seen the return of the sales cycle … Buyers are unrelenting; California is a state full of very rich people! Wealth continues to grow with higher income mostly Silicon Valley tech families worked from home/ $$$$ saved and as buyers they gave up contingencies and pay any appraisal gap problems! Supply and demand meaning there is a LOT of buyers (there is no bubble). The time to buy is now (If you want to buy, buy now with rates going up) and if you’re a seller this is an all time low inventory. The shortage of housing persists in 2022.

*Call me if you’re interested in learning about your local market and home property comps in your area. I’m always happy to help. Have a good Super Bowl no matter your team… 49ers aren’t in it so…meh 😛

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Presentation on Silicon Valley’s Top Real Estate Questions From Buyers and Sellers

This is a presentation that I recently gave about the top questions that homeowners and buyers would like to know about 2022  in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. The average equity gain in California in a year (Nov 2020 – Nov 2021) has been $117,000! The national average was $51,500; California’s average equity gain is more than double the national average (see slide #11).

When you’re a homeowner, especially in California and the SF Bay Area, you are in the business of wealth creation through real estate.

When you buy a home several good things happen:

1. Purchase using good leverage

2. You fix your biggest cost which is housing

3. Provide a hedge against inflation

4. Begin to save outside of the home

If you have any interest in selling and/or pulling your equity from your home in the near future, please contact me for a casual conversation and I would love to assist you with any questions or concerns. I can introduce you to financial planners and CPAs that will help you make wise informed decisions before making a move.
I’m happy to help!
Lynne MacFarlane, Realtor

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Let’s Look At How Three Different California Cities Are Moving (New Listing Stats During SIP)

3 California Cities with differing recovery rates - Lynne MacFarlane, Realtor loves stats! Here are three different California cities’ listing volumes and how they vastly differ in recovery rates and timing. San Francisco may have recovered from their lows as well as San Diego but at a later, but deeper dip, quicker rebound. Look at the gradual decline of Sacramento which could indicate the popularity and movement of folks to more rural /less population dense communities within the state. Many markets are still at the bottom of the curve (see Mike DelPrete article), and some cities, like Phoenix and Denver, may not yet have hit the bottom.

Let me know if you’re interested in learning what your local market is doing.

I’m always here to assist with any real estate needs.

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