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Presentation on Silicon Valley’s Top Real Estate Questions From Buyers and Sellers

This is a presentation that I recently gave about the top questions that homeowners and buyers would like to know about 2022  in the San Francisco Bay Area and nationally. The average equity gain in California in a year (Nov 2020 – Nov 2021) has been $117,000! The national average was $51,500; California’s average equity gain is more than double the national average (see slide #11).

When you’re a homeowner, especially in California and the SF Bay Area, you are in the business of wealth creation through real estate.

When you buy a home several good things happen:

1. Purchase using good leverage

2. You fix your biggest cost which is housing

3. Provide a hedge against inflation

4. Begin to save outside of the home

If you have any interest in selling and/or pulling your equity from your home in the near future, please contact me for a casual conversation and I would love to assist you with any questions or concerns. I can introduce you to financial planners and CPAs that will help you make wise informed decisions before making a move.
I’m happy to help!
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SANTA CLARA COUNTYSellers Market August 6, 2020

Santa Clara Co. Real Estate Market – Shift From Condos to Single Family Homes/Suburbs

Lynne MacFarlane - Shift from Condos to single family homes


Lynne MacFarlane, Realtor Real Estate Market in Santa Clara County

It’s been a hot market recently, with a sharp decline during Shelter-In-Place (March 16th), but incline of showing interest (only with a July 4th dip), then back to climb.

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Please let me know how you and your family are doing during this health crisis. I am a Professional Fiduciary Association of California of the Silicon Valley chapter affiliate member and a Senior Real Estate Specialist but mostly you’ll appreciate my wide resources and contacts to help you get the help for your family needs.

I’m here for you. Love to hear from you. Cheers

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Housing MarketMarket ReportMONTEREY COUNTYReal EstateSAN MATEO COUNTYSANTA CLARA COUNTYSanta Cruz County June 16, 2020

Market Report – June 16th, 2020 (Coming out of CVD19 dip as stats begin to normalize)

Looking at today’s Santa Clara County inventory we’re seeing some ‘normalization’ as we are approaching mid-June.

Looking locally at Santa Clara County, here’s a comparison of the last two years with this year’s Active and Pending listings. Blue indicates 2918 (which was a banner year, partially due to the low inventory), Orange indicated last year 2019 and today 2020 in Red.

Pendings in Santa Clara County SFR took a big dip, pandemic related but the good news is that in June we’re quickly rising and catching up to 2019 and 2018 numbers. (See below)

Lynne MacFarlane's Real Estate Market Report



From MLS/Aculist I pulled the latest data (June 16th) taken from the 5 Bay Area counties (San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Monterey and San Benito) for New Listings (yellow) & Sold Homes (blue) from March 16 – June 15th.

As indicated, once we could begin showing properties the listings increased. (See below graph)

Here is a market snapshot from May 2020 comparison to last year’s May 2019 for single family homes and condo and townhouses.

**If you are interested in receiving market data in your neighborhood, let me know, I’m here to assist you with explaining what’s going on in your community. 


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Real Estate Market Report (06/02/2020) – Santa Clara County & Surrounding Bay Area


Good morning! Every Tuesday morning (even while we are still sheltering-in-place) we gather together for a sales meeting with Joe Brown, our fearless leader in Intero Willow Glen and COO of INTERO Real Estate Services. In those meetings we discuss what’s happening in the Santa Clara, San Mateo, and other counties, but here in this Zoom screen capture we can see the data from Active Single Family Residences (from Feb 28 – May 31) our 2020 Active listings (in red) is in between the years 2019 (in yellow) & 2018 (in blue). Housing prices tend to increase when there’s limited inventory and in 2018 it was our record banner year in terms with multiple bidding wars driving up list prices. Looking at Pendings for Single Family Residences (graph on the right) we see 2020 year (in red) taking a giant dip between April and May, caused by the pandemic. Noticeably good news is that the pendings have been increasing and catching up to 2018 & 2019 numbers!

Zoom INTERO real estate meeting discussing the market in Santa Clara County

Zoom INTERO real estate meeting discussing the market in Santa Clara County (6/2/2020) Intero Willow Glen, data graphs by Clint Moore


When we combine the 5 Bay Area Counties – What do we see?

Since sheltering in place (March 16th) we’ve seen very dynamic changes in all real estate transactions (Solds, Listings, Contingenies, Pendings, TFTs, Cancelled, and Withdrawns).

Real EState Report 2019 and 2020

Comparing 2019 timeline to 2020 (June 1st) we are seeing a 37% difference in sold properties and still a 45% difference in pendings compared with last year’s pendings. But it won’t be long for those pendings to catch up to the 2019 & perhaps the 2018 data as shown above! What does this mean? It could mean that we might be heading back to more multiple offers considering the lack of new inventory.




In the LISTINGS  AND SOLDS  we see a gradual increased amount of new listings and we hope to expect those sold homes numbers to increase (with a 28-30 day delay for escrow).

In May we started to see more new listings and as owner occupied homes are now able to be shown (following the CDC guidelines of touring properties with their agents) we will see more interest from the buyers. Still, it is very desirable for listings to have a virtual presence (virtual tours and video open houses) as we have now pivoted into a new generation of home buying since Covid19 has taught us that buying property or searching can be easily shown at the comfort of one’s own sofa! (Ask me about the benefits of having a Virtual Real Estate Advisor)

BuyersinvestorsMid-PeninsulaSANTA CLARA COUNTYSellers March 13, 2020

Importance of Staying The Course – Remaining Calm in Real Estate Market (vs S&P)

Keep calm - Let's find you a new home Lynne MacFarlane

It may only be the middle of March but for Silicon Valley real estate, spring has sprung.

Overall, the housing market is on the rise. Available homes for sale or inventory continue to be very low, which has fueled housing price appreciation for the past several years. Historically, inventory rises as the weather warms and we enter the spring selling season. One benchmark comparison that can provide a deeper understanding of the housing market is the overall health of the stock market.

San Mateo Prices Pending vs. S&P

At Intero, we chart the S&P 500 as it relates to home prices in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. Historically, we find that the two indices are closely correlated. If you examined the chart a few weeks ago, you’d observe a widening gap between the S&P 500 and the average price in our local real estate markets. The unending stock market rally seemed to be marching continuously upward while the real estate market took a breather in 2019, causing a gap between home prices and S&P 500. Then as news of the Coronavirus dominated headlines, the gap narrowed as the current stock market correction began to take hold.

It makes sense local housing prices should chart the S&P 500; many of our buyers in Silicon Valley are employed at companies like Apple, Google or Facebook and use their stock options as down payment capital to purchase homes.

So, when prospective buyers or sellers ask the perennial question:

How’s the real estate market?
Presuming the stock market decline did not wipe out your down payment, now is the best mortgage interest rate environment in 50 years!

We suggest that now is a good opportunity to get involved with the housing market no matter what side of the fence you’re on, buyer or seller. Why? Presuming the stock market decline did not wipe out your down payment, now is the best mortgage interest rate environment in 50 years! The uncertainty in the stock market has pushed yields on treasury bills as well as mortgage bonds to all-time lows. Your money buys you more house than it did just a few weeks ago.

Is now a good time for prospective home sellers? The continued low inventory of homes for sale has caused prices to firm over the past six months and in many cases, we’re seeing multiple offers on attractive, well-priced properties. When supply is low and demand is strong, prices tend to rise. Stay calm and sell!

Savvy buyers and sellers will stay calm and proceed with plans to buy and sell. – Brian Crane, CEO Intero

Our hearts go out to those affected by the Coronavirus and we should all take necessary precautions to stay healthy, but this is not the time to retreat from the real estate market. Savvy buyers and sellers will stay calm and proceed with plans to buy and sell. Please let me know if you or someone you know is interested in selling, buying or investing, I’m never too busy for your referrals.

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Housing MarketMarket ReportSAN MATEO COUNTYSANTA CLARA COUNTYSanta Cruz County January 17, 2020

Silicon Valley & Coastal Regions Market Report (for Single Family Homes)

2019 concluded with median sale prices up year-over-year in every MLSListings county except for Santa Cruz. The number of homes sold in December 2019 saw double-digit increases in all counties versus last December, while inventory was down compared to December 2018 (and month-to-month) across the board.New listings also fell in all five counties in comparison to both last month and last December. Meanwhile, the actual price paid versus list price hovered around 100% in every county, from a high of 102% in San Mateo to 97% in Monterey.

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